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I know how hard it is to care for yourself when you are focused on surviving, not being abuse, Keeping the people in your life happy, and maintaining a place to stay. We can easily take care of another or give great advice, but taking care of yourself or taking your own advice somehow gets pushed to the side.

The children’s needs come before yours, then you have your partner, family, work, or school. The truth is that nothing is fully taken care of if you are not taking care of you.


Objective: Identify distractions & obstructions, set goals, boundaries, and structure for future.


Exercise: Describe basic hygiene routines, discuss importance of physical & mental health care, dental treatments, and self-defense classes.


Outcome: Self-Love/Prioritizing yourself. Being safe, happy, and healthy in the skin you’re in.



Once you start to identify who you are, and start putting yourself first; you’re relationships will change. Not just intimate relationships, but all relationships. The family relationships, friendships, your relationships with neighbors, coworkers, and peers as well. It’s very important that when you’re saying yes to someone that you make sure you are not saying no to yourself.  Your health, happiness, and safety comes first in all situations.


Objective: Reexamine relationships, rebuild the ones that are worth it, and if they’re not terminate and replace them.


Exercise: Learn to forgive yourself for the things and people you used to accept and tolerate.


Outcome: Self-worth/ Know that you deserve the best in life. You should not have to risk your safety, accept disrespect, or be uncomfortable, to satisfy someone else.



When you start making money saving is a must. Money opens bigger doors, but brings bigger risks as well. With a consistent income you have the option to establish safer housing, contribute to and rebuild your community, and most importantly you can create the living environment of your dreams. It may not happen overnight, but trust that it will happen, because it will.

Objective: Visualize where and how you want to live. Identify ways to create positive change in your community

Exercise: Vision boards/Community outreach/give a ways


Outcome: Self-Reliant/ To be free from the bondage of what others think of you. Trust that you know what’s best for you, you are doing your best, you are capable of protecting yourself, and you are resilient, productive, and happy.



It is important to know who and what you stand for. A lot of times most survivors carry the identity of their abuser, their environment, or whomever they’ve been told they are. During this session participants will identify negative self-talk and how they are viewed. Acknowledge positive characteristics, affirm who you were meant to be, learn ways to nurture and love that person.  


Objective: Have participants reprogram their vision of self and learn who they are, where they’d like to go in life, and how to get there.


Exercises: Questionnaire/Commitment to follow through/Affirmations


Outcome: Self-esteem/ Accept who you are; the good, bad, and ugly parts of you.




The majority of victims financially, sometimes physically and mentally rely on the support of an abuser, maybe family, government assistance, or are barley getting by working. Therefore; will need to establish your own source of income. An income that is reliable, that will not cost you your freedom, or put you in an unsafe situation. You may need to return to school and higher your education, learn a trade, or work two jobs. Paying off old debts, building your credit score, and starting a savings account are the first steps to financial freedom.


Objective: Strategize to gain financial security


Exercise: Budgeting/identifying needs vs wants/savings plan

Outcome: Self-Reliant/Know that you do not NEED anyone. You have the skills, knowledge, and power to obtain anything you desire.

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