STUCK was designed by Sitarah in 1993. It originated as merely a questionnaire that she would send  to various prisons hoping to gain some understanding in her own life; which she felt might land her in prison if she didn't make some fast changes. At just 15, she was already a single parent, running away from home, and searching for, in her opinion, "a better life." The responses confirmed that there were others that shared her visions, struggles, and beliefs. Along her journey she has been hurt, betrayed, threatened, and abused; but she never gave up. Two children, and many  "relationships" later, she kept searching for the "good life." Sitarah would ask questions, attend groups, and absorb all life had to offer. People tried to make her feel ashamed of her situation, and for her decision to have children at such an early age. Unfortunately, not one person tried to find out what it was she was trying to accomplish, or what the challenges she was facing were.  Sitarah found her calling in each obstacle that she overcame, and she vowed to help others in similar situations. It didn't matter what challenges they were facing she wanted to be supportive; the way she wished someone had supported her. Sitarah believes that despite your past you still deserve a chance to make a brighter future for yourself. Today STUCK is more than a questionnaire. It is a platform to share experiences, and strengthen others.  Stuck is a bridge to connect individuals with the support they need to succeed. 


STUCK lets individuals know that...

⚓️ They are never alone

⚓️ There are others who have overcome what your experiencing

⚓️ If you want to make a change in your life it's never too late

⚓️ There is help if you want it

STUCK helps...

⚓️ Support anyone who is in transition.

⚓️  Advocate for those who are in challenging situations

⚓️  Promote self- reliance

⚓️  Assist individuals in finding resources

⚓️Prevent children from experiencing the hardships adults face today


This questionnaire was designed to see how many people in urban communities are STUCK in this world and can’t seem to find a way out. When I say “STUCK in this world” I mean, maybe you don’t like your current situation, and you have no clue how to free yourself. You can be stuck on anything; from eating, and drinking coffee, to clothes, drugs, money, or even shoplifting.


We WILL NOT share your information, so please complete the questionnaire honestly. You are not required to give your name or contact information unless you want to share your story, an experience, give suggestions, or support.  Thank You.⚓️

S.T.U.C.K. 2020
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